Arduino I2C bus

All about the Arduino I2C bus

New entry about everything you need to know about the Arduino I2C bus, a very interesting connection system for peripherals

7 segment display

7 segment display and Arduino

A 7 segment display is a small panel or screen with 7 segments that are illuminated by LEDs to form characters and represent information

Arduino logo

Arduino programming tutorial

We offer you a complete Arduino programming manual, both using Arduino IDE and Ardublock. From scratch, step by step and with code examples

Radiation symbol background

How to make a Geiger counter

We show you how to build a homemade Geiger counter step by step to measure radiation. A simple DIY job using Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Arduino D20 LCD Screen for Arduino

LCD screens and Arduino

The LCD accessory and Arduino have become a very popular choice among project developers. This is due to the low cost of these parts ...

Arduino Zero

Temperature sensor for Arduino

Small guide on the temperature sensor for Arduino, what examples we have to use them and what sensors we can get or use to work with our Arduino board ...

Arduino with Bluetooth

Arduino + Bluetooth

Small guide on what to do if we want to use Arduino Bluetooth in our projects and what options we have when using wireless technology in our personal projects ...

Arduino Yun

What is Arduino?

Article about what is Arduino and the Arduino Project. A small guide on the models that exist of Arduino boards, the projects that we can build with Arduino and what differences exist between Arduino and Raspberry Pi ...

LED cube

Do you want to see an LED cube made? Watch out for these projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pi in which they illuminate an LED cube of different sizes. Do you do yours?

MKRFOX1200 with its gsm antenna

MKRFOX1200, an Arduino for IoT

MKRFOX1200 is a new board from the Arduino project that is characterized by being focused on the world of IoT, an increasingly popular world ...

Goblin 2, the board for the IoT world

Goblin 2, a board for IoT projects

Goblin 2 is a new Arduino-inspired board that is geared towards the IoT world, a world that is growing and for which Goblin 2 is interesting.


Peeqo, a totally free robot

Peeqo is a totally Free robot that is built with the Google API and that emits responses in the form of a gif, something fun and original ...

Udoo X86

Udoo, a true all-in-one board

Udoo X86 is a sbc board that in addition to offering compatibility with Arduino, has more power than Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino together ...


MKR1000, a new Arduino board for IoT

MKR1000 is a new board from the Arduino Project that will be launched next February and that will be a gift in a hackathon made by Microsoft and Arduino.

Arduino Create

Arduino Create ready for testing

Arduino Create is now available in beta form. To use it, we only have to request an invitation to the Arduino Project, there are only 100 invitations

Arduino in Space

Arduino also travels to space

It seems that NASA is working with Arduino and is taking Arduino Mega boards to work in space with it and develop their projects.


Tsunami, the last ally of Arduino

Tsunami is a free hardware board that has compatibility with Arduino and that helps us to transform and use the analog signal with the other boards


PLEN2, a printable mini robot

PLEN2 is a totally free mini robot composed of printed materials and free hardware like arduino that has obtained its crowdfunding financing.

Arduino Tre board

Use Arduino to send tweets

Arduino can help us in many tasks, tasks such as the publication of tweets on our Twitter, something easy to do without needing specific software.


MeArm, a robotic arm for everyone

MeArm is a crowdfunding project that tries to bring an industrial robotic arm to the smallest of the United Kingdom and learn how it works.