Radiation symbol background

How to make a Geiger counter

We show you how to build a homemade Geiger counter step by step to measure radiation. A simple DIY job using Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Image of various spy cameras

3 ways to build a free spy camera

Although we are not 007, the truth is that many need to have a spy camera or simply want to have one for fun, we tell you how to have ...

Traditional jukebox

How to make a homemade and personalized jukebox

Small guide on what a jukebox is and how to create our own homemade jukebox without needing any proprietary tool, just a smart light bulb, a Raspberry Pi board and the music we want to play ...

PiTalk, an interesting complement for Raspberry Pi

PiTalk is an accessory for Raspberry Pi that will allow us to create a smartphone with a Pi Zero or directly have an IoT project with Raspberry Pi. A board that will allow us to use a sim card without major problems with the raspberry hardware ...

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi projects

We present 13 projects with Raspberry Pi that will delight lovers of home automation and home automation. Have you done them all?


RaspAnd puts Android on Raspberry Pi

RaspAnd is a distribution for Raspberry Pi that introduces us to the latest version of Android on Raspberry Pi along with Kodi and its apps and Play Store ...

Power off button

How to turn off Raspberry Pi

How to turn off a Raspberry Pi? Discover the different methods you have to turn off the hob safely. Is there a power button? Find out!

Raspberry Pi Zero

5 years of Raspberry Pi in numbers

Yesterday the Raspberry Pi anniversary was celebrated and we have paid tribute to this board based on the numbers it has achieved over the years


PIXEL is now available for PC and Mac

PIXEL is a well-known operating system available for Raspberry Pi that, after its enormous success, takes the leap and is now available for PC and Mac.


5 best projects to do to use Retropie

We collect the 5 best projects created with Raspberry Pi and with the Retropie project, something that turns any object into a powerful game console ...

Raspberry Pi

How to cool our Raspberry Pi

Small guide to cooling or alleviating the heat and high temperatures that our Raspberry Pi board is going through during these hot summer days ...

udoo X86

Udoo, a true all-in-one board

Udoo X86 is a sbc board that in addition to offering compatibility with Arduino, has more power than Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino together ...

Raspberry Pi

Monty, a voice assistant for Raspberry Pi

Monty is a voice assistant for Raspberry Pi that will be released in July 2016 and that will be able to be ported to Gnu / Linux although Mycroft will also be with Ubuntu.


Fit-Uptime, a UPS for minipcs

Fit-Uptime is a power supply that will function as a UPS, a three-hour autonomy UPS for boards and minipcs such as Raspberry PI 2 or Arduino UNO.