What is a dedicated IP and what can it be used for?

IP adress

An IP address it is a set of numbers, in the form of a code, that have the task of identifying the device and its location.

There are different types of IP, such as the Dedicated IP, then we will delve into its meaning and we will show you what its characteristics and most important benefits.

What is a dedicated IP?

An Dedicated IP it is an IP address that is fully reserved for a single account, so it is not used by any other domain.


It should be noted that this IP will be different from the real local IP of the user, which entails a increased privacy and protection of your digital data.

So we already see some differences with a shared IP, but, really, do you know all their differences? Below we explain them to you.

Differences between a dedicated IP and a shared IP

The big difference that we can intuit when knowing their names is that in the case of the shared IP they are share IP address with other users, so your data along with the other users will be sent through the same server. Also, the IP, in this case, is dynamic, as opposed to the dedicated IP, which is static.

dedicated or shared ip

In the case of emails, the use of one IP or another depends on the use of the same, in the case of the Dedicated IP, is the best option to send high volume mail.

On the other hand, if the amount of email is more reduced and less constant, the best alternative is to use a shared ip.

Benefits of a dedicated IP

There are many benefits so it is advisable to use a dedicated IP, below we show you the most relevant.


By using a dedicated IP it will be much more difficult for them to add your IP address to a blacklist by being exclusive for you.

Due to the fact that, in the case of shared IP, being used by so many people, platforms and different web pages are more likely to block access or blacklist the user.

Faster emails

El email traffic that use a dedicated IP address have priority over those that are generated through a shared IP address.

Also, thanks to the use of this unique address, it will be much less likely that your mail will reach the junk folder and, also, it will increase the speed of shipment.

additional verification

When using a shared IP it is necessary, in most cases, a additional verification, since for some platforms it could cause a great feeling of suspicion and distrust.

With a dedicated IP you will not have to go through this process, so you will get save you a lot of time.

Uses and applications of a dedicated IP address

dedicated ip

Here we show you the most common uses when using a dedicated IP:

  • Required for particular third-party applications. In many cases, when implementing a third-party application, the server will ask you for a dedicated IP address.
  • Use of email. As we have mentioned before, to receive and send emails, it is much more beneficial to use a dedicated IP.

Now that you know more about the dedicated IP address, we encourage you to start using it, Enjoy all its benefits from now on!

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