The best CNC machines for leisure and professional use (brands)

best cnc machines

Buying a CNC machine for home use, as a DIY hobbyist or maker, is not the same as it is for an SME or larger-scale industry. However, there are some highly recommended brands and models for all these cases that you can see here. In this way, you will understand what are the best cnc machines for any use, also knowing the best valued brands of this type of equipment.

Best CNC Machines for Hobbyists and Small Businesses (Brands)

CNC machine leisure and small businesses, self-employed SMEs

For leisure use (if you want something more professional) and for small businesses, there are some brands that you should seriously consider. In previous articles I recommended some CNC machines for this purpose, but here you can learn more about them some of the most notable brands:

Leisure / DIY


SainSmart is a company based in Las Vegas and they are especially focused on CNC machining, as well as 3D printing and tools for makers and DIY. They are based on open-hardware solutions and especially focused on equipment for hobbyists and makers, with good quality and good prices.


Another company created in Missouri, by friends and whose CEO and main founder is Bob Wood, along with his wife Pam Wood, as well as Kathi and Keith Havens. A small family that has been growing thanks to its CNC machines, going from a business in a garage to a rapid growth in 2015 to revolutionize the world of machining. Its philosophy focuses on eliminating complexity, making everything simple, with great performance and good reliability.


Another of the big firms with machines that move between those of amateurs who are looking for something more, and small companies. Equipment with high quality, good benefits, and with 24/7 support also in Spain and in Spanish, which is a point to keep in mind if assistance is needed. They are currently present in more than 200 countries, with millions of customers around the world. All thanks to their good work with the tools and equipment that stand out for their ease of use, resistance, and competitive prices.

Small businesses or freelancers

maslow cnc

It is an American project whose objective is to create a large and low cost CNC router. A low-cost to make this type of machinery accessible to small companies that do not have a large budget or for the self-employed. Also, this team is based on open source, and they are a great community. Founded in 2015 by Bar Smith as a hobby, little by little it has transformed into something more than that, to what it is today.


It is a Chinese firm that creates equipment with good value for money. Focused on offering a premium product with ease of use, speed to implement your ideas, and low prices. It was founded in 2016, creating 3D printers, and CNC laser engraving and cutting machines, as well as 3-in-1 milling machines with multiple functions. Its products stand out for the emphasis on R&D and quality, always with the user at the center of everything.


They present themselves as one of the most user-friendly team builders in the world. With these machines you do not need a complex learning curve, everything will be much easier and fluid, even from the first moment, even if you have no knowledge of the subject. A company founded in 2002 by Zach Kaplan, and based in Chicago.


It is another of the firms with the best reputation when it comes to small businesses looking for something professional and cheap. It is an extremely new company, barely a couple of years old, but it is already making waves. Its strengths are speed, the durability of its tools, and simplicity of use.

Carbide 3D

They are the creators of the Shapeoko series of machines. This company is based in Torrance, California. And it was founded in 2013, at which time they started selling CNC machines for home users, and large companies and universities. In addition, it has its own software such as Cabride Create, Cabride Create Pro, Cabride Motion, and Cabride Copper.

Big enterprises

Large-scale industrial CNC

On the other hand, if you are looking for brands of CNC machines for use in large companies, or for industry with thoughts of mass manufacturing or on a larger scale, then you should forget about the previous ones and opt for these other outstanding brands (not only are they good equipment, but they are leading firms in terms of manufacturing):


DANOBAT is a Spanish company that emerged as a cooperative dedicated to the manufacture of tools and CNC machines such as lathes and grinding machines. Its headquarters are located in Elgóibar, in the Basque Country, and it has a great reputation. One of the best among European companies. In addition, the proximity can also make this machine a strategic option for your company. It even has services and commercial offices in other offices such as Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China, Brazil and the USA.

On the other hand, this company has been growing based on satisfying its customers and at the stroke of a checkbook, acquiring other companies in the sector that it absorbed in the past, such as the German Overbeck, the English Newall, the merger with Lealde, Estarta and Dano -Rail, integration of DANOBAT Railway Systems within DANOBAT, the acquisition of Plantool OY, that of the Dutch Hembrug Machine Tools, and the start of a joint venture with the American Marathon.


And from one European we go to another, the Italian FIDIA. A leading company in its segment and among the most recognized worldwide. In this case, a company focused on milling centers for industrial use. It has branches in Spain, Germany, China and the USA. A company that already has more than 40 years of experience in the sector, forty years of innovation in the world of numerical control machining.

This company has introduced some solutions that have transformed production processes, thanks to its continuous R&D, in addition to offering quality solutions with high performance.

dmg mori

DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft is a large German manufacturer of CNC machine tools for cutting, milling and turning. This great company provides its clients with professional industrial tools, as well as additional services, and software and energy solutions. Their service is also 24/7, to solve any problem.

Leaders in subtractive and additive manufacturing for the industry and with reliability as a review, offering up to 36 months warranty on their engines with no limits on working hours or conditions. They pride themselves on offering more than 95% availability of their machines, with very few breakdowns, to improve productivity.


Another large European group founded in Munich, Germany, in 1949. Since then they have focused on offering solutions for the industry, and lathes, expanding towards CNC technology, where they now focus their efforts. A company with a great international presence and one of the best.

The SPINNER group produces more than 1000 high-precision machines every year, being present in more than 60 countries among the best sellers, accounting for almost a 60% share in lathes, machining centers, central machine development, and software development.


The German STAMA is another of the great producers of CNC solutions for the industry, positioning itself as one of the leaders of milling machinery, lathes and machining centers at a global level. They are also among the best when it comes to individual solutions for their consumers, increasing the chances of success.

Innovation, high technology, and quality are among the great values ​​of this company founded in 1938. Since then, they have not stopped growing, innovating, and achieving worldwide recognition.


The Swiss group Mikron is another of the greats in terms of automation solutions, CNC machining and military-grade cutting. It is one of the most experienced companies, since it was founded in 1908, with more than a century of experience that shows in every detail. Their globalization did not come until 1986, where they became known internationally, leaving satisfied customers from all over the world.

Its main targets are the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the automobile industry, the consumer goods industry, the writing instrument industry, the electronics industry, and the watchmaking industry. There they stand out for their performance, precision, reliability, quality and sustainability.

Bumotec & Starrag

Founded in 1973, it has become one of the benchmarks in terms of CNC machining. The Swiss company provides high-precision manufacturing equipment and the latest technology for milling, turning, engraving, and grinding of metallic materials, composite, ceramics, etc.

A company with a large international representation and with special activity in the turbine and aerospace sector, in addition to the transport industry. One of the most outstanding characteristics of their equipment is their high quality and high productivity, and the great maintenance service they have.

Liechti Engineering

World leader in machining equipment for industrial use. Provides complete precision solutions and tools for manufacturing. Its product portfolio includes equipment for milling, EDM, laser engraving, laser micromachining, additive manufacturing, etc. In addition, they also provide other additional services and necessary digital solutions.

They've done a great job with energy efficiency and cleaner manufacturing, which is really important today. In addition, you should know that it is another European company, based in Switzerland, and with a presence in more than 50 countries and development centers in Sweden, China, the US, etc.


Willemin-Macodel is another of the companies based in Switzerland and a benchmark in the CNC machining industry. A company with quality and compliance with the highest standards by flag. Another of the great advantages of opting for this brand is its commitment to innovation, always moving forward and trying to give the highest degree of satisfaction to its customers.

Founded in 1984, they have more than 45 years of experience developing this type of machines, industrial solutions and services, always adapting to the market and trying to understand the requirements that are sought at all times. This is why their milling machines are so admired.


Hermle is a German company that has been offering what many consider to be the best milling machines on the market for years. Its results and quality are outstanding, in addition to implementing cutting-edge technologies to be up to date. They offer fantastic assembly and after-sales services, which is also attractive for companies.

All its equipment is tested and optimized to offer the best precision and machining speed. Simply excellent, that's how it can best be described...


Another German that focuses on producing high quality and very flexible CNC machining equipment, to adapt to all types of industries. Its machines can also be positioned among the best, with large machining, engraving, turning, milling centers, as well as tools designed for a multitude of materials for which they have been tested, such as aluminium, resins, bronze, foam, etc.

This company supplies industrial sectors such as construction, industrial 3D printing, weapons, the automobile sector, the glass industry, agriculture, motors and generators, pumps, railways, the environment, packaging, and sectors such as renewable energy, among others. .


This other German manufacturer of instruments for the industry began more than 70 years ago, when it created precision instruments for surgery in its early years, later moving on to CNC machines, becoming one of the most innovative companies in the sector and with an international presence. .

Some of its products stand out, such as CNC vertical tools, lathe solutions, and also with an eye on high-speed cutting and high-speed manufacturing standards.

mori seiki

Mori Seiki is a Japanese company established in 1948. Since then, it has struggled to enter among the best in the world in terms of tools for the industrial sector and machining, especially with its CNC machines. Therefore, the company has not stopped growing more and more.

Currently, they have positioned their center in India, one of the countries with the highest growth and innovation, from where some large internationally known companies have emerged.


This company was established in India, specifically the office is located in the town of Worli, in Mumbai. This company is famous for its CNC machines, and with a large presence beyond India. They stand out for their quality in these equipments for large-scale manufacturing. It is not surprising that they have so many consumers around the world.

Also, keep in mind that India is becoming another of the world's great factories, just like China did. Therefore, they also want to position themselves well in this sector.


Another one in India, located in Goregaon, also in Bombay. Matsuura Machinery Ltd. was established many years ago, in 1935, so they are already very old and have a lot of experience when it comes to industrial manufacturing equipment and CNC tools. They are known internationally, and stand out for their high quality products and excellent services.

On the other hand, we must not forget that this company has specialized in a very specific type of machine, such as multi-tool centers, which provide such great results and versatility.

Yamazaki Mazak

Yamazaki Mazak, or implement Mazak, was a company founded in 1919 in North America. One of the oldest companies, with more than a century of experience in the professional tools sector on an industrial scale. The company has gradually expanded throughout the world, establishing its headquarters in Sanaswadi, Pune (India).

It is one of the top three CNC machining companies in India along with the above two. Once again they stand out for their emphasis on the quality of their products and services for their consumers.


Makino is a Japanese company, founded in Japan in 1937. Since then, they have stood out in the manufacturing sector with their fantastic production machines, machining centers, milling cutters, etc. Little by little they have been introducing more products in their portfolio, establishing themselves as one of the most reputable brands.

This company, like others, have also made a move towards India, establishing new headquarters and manufacturing centers in Bombay, Pune, Delhi or Bangalore.


Toyoda was founded in 1949, and is another of the Japanese that stands out in this field. Like others, they have also landed with their offices in India, in Haryana. From there they also develop and manufacture their CNC machines for worldwide distribution. A great company that offers you fantastic equipment for your company.

The highlights of their products are their fantastic quality, and their good results in industries that are in high demand.


MAG is one of the world leaders in terms of manufacturing machinery and automation systems for industry. This manufacturer has great solution models, as well as fantastic service, and high durability. This group has a large number of brands under which it sells its articles, such as Berlinger, Cincinnati, Klaus Whelo, Exero, Fadao, Giddings Louis, Hessup, Honsberg, Wheelock and Witsch Frank Wait.

MAG is famous for its fantastic results, and the creation of specific solutions for the aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, oil industry, trains, solar energy, wind energy, and other more generic industries.


Hardinge Inc is a well-known global manufacturer of CNC machines and tools for the industrial sector. They are based in Berwyn (PA), in the USA, and were founded in 1890, making them one of the oldest in the sector. They started by creating simple tools to the most modern CNC turning equipment, as well as milling machines, and engraving.

They are present in the medical industry, aviation, semiconductors, heavy machinery, and also in the automobile industry. All of them focused on metal machining.

Haas Automation Inc.

Surely the name sounds familiar to you from Formula 1, since they have the same as the Haas F1 team. This American group was founded in 1983, by Eugene Haas, the also owner of that F1 team, as well as others from NASCAR, and other categories. This company focuses on the production of numerical control machines.

They have stood out for their high quality, available tools and provided options. With solutions for several consumers and with years of experience in the sector, to always offer the best.


Hitachi is one of the most prestigious brands in Japan. The Japanese is headquartered in Tokyo, where it has become a huge multinational that covers many sectors. It was founded in 1910, and has expanded beyond the electronics sector, also reaching telecommunications, information systems, defense, construction equipment, railway infrastructure and industrial machinery.

This conglomerate of companies has also recently started the creation of CNC machinery, quite successfully due to the reputation of the brand and the high quality of its equipment. However, they do not have as much experience as others.


Yasda was also created in Japan. It is a company founded in the year 1929, with headquarters in Okayama. From their headquarters they develop to offer the best high-precision industrial tools. It especially stands out for its CNC machines, although they also have other types of products in their portfolio.

The CNC machines of this company are considered to be of premium quality, meeting international industry standards, and being among the most appreciated.


This other Asian company is of South Korean origin, and was founded in 1977. It is well known in the automotive sector, with its car brand, but this company covers much more than that, such as its automation and CNC machining machines. . These machines also have great quality and performance.

The growth in the sector has been very pronounced in recent times, becoming famous worldwide in this aspect and demonstrating that they not only know how to manufacture cars.


AMADA was established in Japan in 1946. Since then, it has grown as a company, expanding its product catalog, such as metal machining or cutting machines. They started creating automatic machines early on, improving to the present day to establish themselves as a world-class brand.

Currently it has a fantastic reputation in European countries, Japan and also in the United States. Innovation, intelligent automation, and high technology for the industry.


GROB was founded in Munich, Germany, establishing its headquarters in the city of Mindelheim. They started their activity in 1926, being a small company that little by little has been transformed into a giant worldwide. Its machining machines have made a deep impression in the industrial sector given its quality, its performance, and compliance with the highest standards.

They have a large amount of equipment, and a portfolio to provide everything necessary in the manufacturing lines. In the CNC section, it stands out for its simultaneous 5-axis machining and cutting centers.


TRUMPF was founded in Stuttgart, Germany. Christian Trumpf was its founder in 1923, and specializing since the 60s in the laser field, as well as establishing itself as an industrial leader in this type of technology in the 80s. Decades of growing and improving laser technology, in constant development, to create the best machining machines of this type.

It is currently a global leader, with a good presence in the market for products for industrial use. There are flat and 3D cutting machines, welding machines, 3D printing, etc.

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