CR2032 battery: all about the most popular button batteries

CR2032 battery

One of the most famous formats of stacks or batteries are CR2032, the typical button batteries that have a large number of devices. From some calculators to computer motherboards to keep the time and BIOS / UEFI settings, through clocks, controllers, headphones, etc. This type of battery is characterized by its great durability and its small size compared to other formats such as AAA, AA, C, D and 9V.

There are different brands, such as Sony, Duracell, Maxell, and many other manufacturers. Its price is around € 1,75 or € 2, although you can find blisters with several CR2032 batteries for cheap prices when you buy them in packs. The price and autonomy is not the only thing that makes them attractive, also their size, so they are perfect for small devices where you want great mobility or reduce the size of the battery to the maximum.

Button batteries

Button-type batteries are encapsulated in a small button-shaped metallic packaging, hence its name. On one of their faces they have the positive pole, which corresponds to the face with the largest diameter, that is, where they usually have the brand and inscriptions. On the back face is the negative pole. To connect them, a contact with a base with a conductor to make contact with the negative pole and a flange that makes contact on the flanks and the upper zone (+) are generally used. In this way, the battery can be lifted on one of its sides to disengage it and replace it easily.

As to material that compose themIt can be made of mercury (in disuse for not being respectful with the environment), cadmium, lithium, etc. The charge they contain is sometimes enough to supply power for 3 to 5 years, depending on the consumption of the device. In addition to their low cost and long life, the tension produced during discharge is very uniform, which makes them perfect to avoid spikes or misalignments over time. Also the discharge temperature is low to be integrated in small devices.

The CR2032, like other button batteries, stands out for its high stability to environmental changes, something that other batteries do not support so well. It operates in a wide range of temperatures, from -20ºC to 60ºC. Temperatures that make them perfect for cold and warm places. They are also good to be stored, since they have less than 1% self-discharge per year, which allows them to be stored for 5 times what other batteries would hold.

They are distributed in various formats that are different in size, type, voltages, capacity and weight, and even rechargeable, as you can see in the following table with some of the most popular:

Denomination Market Voltage (V) Capacity (mAh) Weight (g) Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
CR927 Lithium 3 30 0,60 9,5 2,7
CR1025 Lithium 3 30 0,6 10 2,50
CR1130 Lithium 3 40 0,6 11 3
CR1212 Lithium 3 18 0,5 12 1,2
CR1216 Lithium 3 25 0,7 12 1,6
CR1220 Lithium 3 38 0,85 12 2
CR1225 Lithium 3 48 10 12 2,5
CR1616 Lithium 3 50 1,2 16 1,6
CR1620 Lithium 3 68 1,3 16 2
CR1625 Lithium 3 90 1,4 16 2,5
CR1632 Lithium 3 125 1,6 16 3,2
CR2012 Lithium 3 55 1,80 20 1,2
CR2016 Lithium 3 80 1,80 20 1,60
CR2020 Lithium 3 115 1,90 20 2
CR2025 Lithium 3 170 2,40 20 2,50
CR2032 Lithium 3 235 30 20 3,20
CR2040 Lithium 3 280 40 20 4
CR2050 Lithium 3 310 4,80 20 5
CR2320 Lithium 3 150 2,90 23 20
CR2325 Lithium 3 190 3,50 23 2,50
CR2330 Lithium 3 250 40 23 30
CR2354 Lithium 3 350 4,50 23 5,40
CR2430 Lithium 3 285 4,50 24 30
CR2450 Lithium 3 540 6,50 24 50
CR2477 Lithium 3 950 8,3 24 7,7
CR3032 Lithium 3 560 80 30 3,20
CTL920 Lithium ion 2,3 5,5 0,5 9 2
CTL1616 Lithium ion 2,3 18 1,6 16 1,60
LR41 Alkaline 1,5 40 0,5 7,9 3,6
LR43 Manganese 1,5 108 1,2 7,9 1,6
LR44 Manganese 1,5 145 1,9 11,6 5,4
ML2016 Lithium-Manganese 3 30 1,8 16 1,6
ML2020 Lithium-Manganese 3 45 2,2 20 2
PD2032 Lithium ion 3,7 75 3,1 20 3,3
SR41 Silver oxide 1,55 42 - 7,9 3,6
SR42 Silver oxide 1,55 100 - 11,6 3,6
SR43 Silver oxide 1,55 120 - 11,6 4,2
SR44 Silver oxide 1,55 180 - 11,6 5,4
SR45 Silver oxide 1,55 60 - 9,5 3,6
SR48 Silver oxide 1,55 70 - 7,9 5,4
SR626SW Silver oxide 1,55 28 0,39 6,8 2,6
SR726SW Silver oxide 1,55 32 - 7,9 2,7
SR927SW Silver oxide 1,55 55 - 9,5 2,6
VL2020 Lithium 3 20 2,2 20 2

CR2032 specifications and datasheets

CR2032 stack faces

HR technical characteristics of this CR2032 battery are:

  • Manufacturers: various
  • Model: CR2032
  • Market: Lithium
  • Voltage: 3v
  • Capacity: 235 mAh, that is, it can give 235 mA for 1 hour or about 112 mA in 2 hours, about 66 mA for 4 hours, and so on ...
  • Weight: 30 g
  • Diameter: 20 mm
  • Thickness 3,20mm

If you want to download a CR2032 DatasheetYou can go to the official websites of the different manufacturers, as an example, here is one:


You can find several types of connectors in the market for this type of button cell, as you can see in the photos above. They are very cheap, and you can solder them to the board with the pins that are included or directly connect them with cables, depending on the type.

Some connectors are classic, with that base connector and the upper tab as I mentioned above. Others are somewhat different, allowing the stack to slide onto a surrounding bridge. This way it remains in contact on both sides, but they can be a bit complicated to remove if the working dimensions are small. Sometimes it is not easy to slide it out and replace it.

Others are clip type, with a long terminal that will catch the battery at the top and press it against the base connector. There are also some that include a box that can house one or more batteries and that they have a cable to be able to connect it to jumpers easily.

This is all for the CR2032 stack, I hope I've been helpful… Any questions or contributions, don't forget to leave your comments.

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  1.   Loctite said

    When I was using Window $ I knew to change the battery because the system clock was lagging after each reboot. I have long since moved to Linux and I have found that I have not changed the happy stack. In Linux we also have problems with the clock when the battery runs out?

    1.    Isaac said

      Yes, no matter what operating system you have ... The battery runs out anyway. Remember that you can synchronize your clock with UTC.
      A greeting!

  2.   Jose Diaz said

    What is the difference between a CR2032 H and a CR2032 (without H)

  3.   Hugo said

    Hello. Thank you very much for the information.

    I think there is an error on the page, or I would not understand the reason for these measurements.

    Some heights in reference to the number are given in mm the last two digits, but with a comma, that is, for example, 2032 is 3,2 mm. You put some measurements without that comma; Example you put in the CR2330 that measures 30mm, that is, 3cm.