drone Russia

Russia has nuclear drones in its submarine fleet

According to a declassified report from the United States Department of Defense, it is confirmed that Russia has the Stage-6 project underway, which has created an aquatic drone with the capacity to operate in a radius of 10.000 kilometers by loading a 10-foot nuclear warhead. megatons.

swarm drones

Russian bases in Syria are attacked by a swarm of drones

Two Russian bases in Syria a few days ago were attacked by remotely controlled drones, an attack that, following early investigations, the Russian defense minister has hinted was carried out by a militia in collaboration with the United States.


Tello, an interesting drone at a very competitive price

Ryze Tech surprises us with the launch of Tello, a small drone that has been equipped with the best technology from Intel and DJI which makes it especially interesting and above all safe to be used by the little ones in our house.


The DGT will use drones from 2019

As has just been made public, apparently in the General Directorate of Traffic, DGT, they hope by 2019 to have their new drones ready with which they can more effectively control all the road traffic of the different roads.


Yuneec announces new layoffs

Yuneec is the last company related to the drone sector that, after a great international expansion, announces layoffs in part of its workforce.