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Thanks to the large amount of work that is broadcast practically daily by any type of network, recordings by drones are the order of the day, due to this it is not surprising that more and more people look for certain drone pilots to do some kind of paid work and vice versa, drone pilots seeking to be hired by someone to entertain themselves by flying their precious machine.

That is why many people are looking to become a drone pilot and earn a living with this new profession that augurs a great future.

It is thought that in a few years, 10% of the aeronautical sector will be made up of drones and activities related to these devices, something surprising for many and a path of the future for others.

What does it take to be a drone pilot?

Drone pilot

That said, many of you will wonder what it takes to be a drone pilot. First of all, note that the use of a drone is not limited to a skill or an amount of money, that is, as with a driving license, a person can use the car without having a driving license and equally mode a pilot can drive a drone without having the corresponding permits. This may represent a big problem in the long run since there are many drones for children and devices that are driven by children who logically do not have any permission to fly these devices.

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But let's imagine that we are not children and we want to earn a living as a drone pilot. In this case, we first have to go to the official website of AESA, the State Aviation Safety Agency. On this website we will find a directory of courses to become a drone pilot. This website is important because in addition to being the only official body within Spain that regulates everything concerning drone pilots, it also contains material to pass the drone pilot exam and the characteristics of the exam. Along with this exam, you must present a medical certificate that we are in perfect physical condition.

If we pass the test, we must register on the AESA website as an official drone pilot, a free procedure that the only thing that will require us is to pass a review of our equipment from time to time.

As you can see, the regulation of the drone pilot is not very different from the regulation of the driving license and, for many, the cost may be less than the driving license itself.

Where to find job offers as a drone pilot?

Drone pilot work

At this point you will wonder where to find job offers as drone pilots. Before that, first it is convenient to be clear about the jobs that can be carried out with such a card.

Currently in Spain, drones are used for photographic reports, as part of the actions of the Spanish Civil Protection Service, to inspect large areas of land, agricultural fumigations, aerial surveys or archaeological surveys. They can also be used for other purposes but at the moment they are not used or are not included in the regulations, we refer to activities such as the transport of objects, the operation as minisatellites or other purposes that are discussed in large fairs or the CEOs of large technology companies.

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That said, it is clear that the job offer is high, very high and that allows us to find job offers in various places: from the typical poster in a company where it says "Drone pilot wanted" to a job website such as InfoJobs. But there are also web pages that were created for this purpose, to offer serious job offers to drone pilots.

With this idea was born, a web page where you search put in contact pilots with interested in this kind of services. If you go around the page you will see how there are two ways to enter, either as an interested party in a service or, by means of a registration request, register in it as a drone pilot and start receiving offers to contract your services. Without a doubt a more than interesting initiative.

Undoubtedly a more than interesting idea although for the moment it is true that it is very geographically limited by accepting only some geographic areas of the United States. The pilots, once they are registered, are classified into up to 11 different categories where we find weddings, parties, sports ... being able to pay the pilot either for his services or per hour of work performed.

Another English-speaking option is 3drpilots, a very interesting website where we will not only find job offers but we will also find a powerful forum about drones.


Websites in Spanish also exist but in this regard only two pages stand out: y They are web pages with a large influx of drone pilots and also users who seek to hire expert pilots or at least drone pilots who have the corresponding permits.

Little by little these job portals are expanding, as are the needs of drone pilots and the drone pilots themselves. To get an idea, There are about 9.000 regulated drone pilots throughout the European Union, that is, with all the official papers and permits, for a market of 700 million people. How much can you earn as a drone pilot?

This is the point where more people will be watching and possibly the point from which there is less information and references. The websites related to drone pilot courses venture that a pilot can have an annual salary of 100.000 euros, something possible if you really are a professional who moves throughout the European Union and of course, you can allow yourself to move between countries and stay while working. That is to say, quite a nice job but also quite expensive.

For the most realistic, that is, for those who will only move through Spain, the average salary of a drone pilot will not go beyond 2.000 euros gross per month.

This is because the activities for which a drone pilot is required are few.

In Spain, a drone pilot can earn a living as an employee, being hired by a company that needs the services of a drone pilot or on his own, being a freelancer and offering to perform work or activities related to a drone. In the latter case, the drone pilot has more market by having more activities that he can do, but it is also true that his time cannot be charged at high prices since he would not earn even the minimum wage since a normal person would not pay a Drone pilot 2.000 euros or more for prospecting a farm or for making a video of a town.

In case of being hired by a company, the salary in addition to approaching or exceeding 2.000 euros a month, there is a security that the self-employed does not have in that every month he will receive the same salary, whether or not he has activity. In any case, taking into account the employment situation in Spain and that being a drone pilot is a new profession, the salary for practicing as a drone pilot is not very high, at the moment.


lighting drones

The need for a drone pilot exists, not only in the European Union but also in Spain and other countries that are outside the EU and Spain. This is a business opportunity for many and a way to earn a living from it.

However, lThe regulation on the use and purpose of drones is still not very clear and that can cause problems with certain activities, something that at the moment is not happening in Spain.

In any case, it is appreciated that new professions related to technology appear that do not involve "tying" the worker to a computer, such as being a drone pilot Do not you think?

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  1.   ivan martin said

    Greetings, I am a licensed Drone pilot and my own drone in Madrid

  2.   juan antonio said

    Well, I'm interested in working filming with drones, I have my own drone, advanced pilot license and I also work with video editing. a greeting!

  3.   Julia said

    I am interested
    Drone pilot by AESA
    Julia Querencia

  4.   Julia said

    Drone pilot by AESA

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    drone pilot by AESA in vigo

  6.   Ramon Merino Lobato said

    Good afternoon, my name is Ramon and I am an advanced drone pilot, (AESA)

  7.   Miguel Ranera placeholder image said

    Hello, I'm Miguel
    I'm a photographer
    I am a pilot and operator with my own drones
    I can fly them in visual flight beyond visual range
    Declared Activities
    Research and development activities
    Photography, filming and aerial surveys (topographic surveys, photogrammetry)
    Aerial observation and surveillance including filming and forest fire surveillance activities
    Emergency, search and rescue operations
    630155506 phone

  8.   Oscar David Briñez Fonseca said


    Good afternoon

    I am Oscar David Briñez Fonseca, RPA commercial pilot certified in Colombia, with experience in video and aerial photography, events, architectures, electrical networks, buildings.

    And so I am looking for work to contribute my knowledge to those who are interested and learn much more.
    Cel 3115514128

  9.   Rafa said

    Hi all!
    My name is Rafa and I am an advanced drone pilot (AESA) with my own drones.
    I also do drone repairs and maintenance.
    I currently live in Palma de Mallorca.

  10.   Drone companies in Spain said

    There is a website similar to the one mentioned by Juan Luis for Spanish drone operating companies. It is completely free, it does not have any type of commission and the transactions are direct between the client and the drone operator. I think it can be interesting to find work and services for clients who request technical and economic estimates through the Pilotando website.

  11.   Jose Angel said

    Hello, my name is Jose Ángel, with the title of advanced drone pilot issued by the AESA.
    I own a Phanton 4 pro RPA. I am a civil servant in the security sector, so I am a serious and trustworthy person.
    Murcia and Cartagena area.

    My e-mail.

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  13.   Daniel Fernández said

    I have my own DRONE Phanton 4 pro
    Experience in Video Editing with different programs
    Interested in Photography, Filming etc ...
    Level of English C1 and German A2
    Geographic availability both national and international

  14.   fernando said

    hello I am looking for staff company pilot requirements
    more information

  15.   Juan Carlos Villa said

    My name is Juan Carlos. I have a series 2 title and a radiophonist with a Phantón pro v2 drone and the possibility of Inspire 2.
    I have an operator license. Besides, I have an audiovisual company to start recording on any project.