How to change the language of Kodi

Simple tutorial explained step by step to know how to change the language of Kodi easily. So you won't have to watch it in English anymore

what is an API

What is an API

We show you everything you should know about the API (Application Programming Interface) or Application Programming Interface

Make your own pinhole camera

Do you want to know what a pinhole camera is and how to build your own? We show you a step-by-step tutorial to create your homemade pinhole camera

Pine H64

Pine H64, a great rival for Raspberry Pi

Pine H64 is a new SBC board from the PINE project that was born to be a direct rival to Raspberry Pi 3. A rival that uses AllWinner and is also physically larger ...

Tritium plate

Tritium, a $ 9 SBC plate

Tritium is an SBC board that Libre Computer has introduced and that will be distributed for $ 9. The plate is not yet available in stores ...

Hornbill, PCB board for IOT

Hornbill, a new platform for IoT

Hornbill is a new Hardware platform that tries to bring the user closer to IoT through Lowcost but useful devices for the home ...

Goblin 2, the board for the IoT world

Goblin 2, a board for IoT projects

Goblin 2 is a new Arduino-inspired board that is geared towards the IoT world, a world that is growing and for which Goblin 2 is interesting.

Delaktig from Ikea

Delaktig, a hackable Ikea sofa

Ikea has announced a new line of hackable furniture, the first one is called Delaktig, a sofa that can be altered or that is made to be altered ...


Omega2 reality or vaporware?

Omega2 is a free SBC board that aims to compete with the Raspberry Pi with a low price but its launch is left to be desired or so it seems ...

Udoo X86

Udoo, a true all-in-one board

Udoo X86 is a sbc board that in addition to offering compatibility with Arduino, has more power than Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino together ...