How to recharge your mobile effectively in Llamaya

Most of the telephone lines that are currently registered are under contract. Those days when prepaid cards predominated are behind us, but there are still some users who opt for this other modality. And it is that, despite the comforts of the contract, recharge the mobile it still has some attractions.

In addition, some want to go a little further and make payments effectively, which can also have great advantages as you can now see. If so, here you can learn how to do step by step one recharge with Llamaya.

Contract vs prepaid card

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With all the conveniences and dominance of a contract, why are people still using a prepaid card? Although at first it seems difficult to give some reasons why not choose the contract, the truth is that there are more advantages in prepayment than you imagine, despite the inconvenience of having to recharge the mobile every two times three.

What is the contract?

When you use mobile telephony, you have several options at your fingertips. One of them, the most common, is through a contract with the telephone provider. In this way, your line is activated from the first day you hire it and you will have an indefinite balance at your fingertips.

When each month ends, the company will charge you in your bank account associated with the collection of what you have consumed. That is, you can completely forget about your balance, and dedicate yourself to what really interests you, enjoy the call and data services that these contracts provide you.

What is prepayment?

Another option for those who need to use mobile telephony is to have a prepaid card. In this case, you can buy a SIM card for your mobile in some establishments and have a valid line from the first moment. However, in this case it is not a contract, but you will have to recharge the balance.

The company that provides you the service it will subtract from your balance the consumption that you are making. Once exhausted, you can recharge the amount of balance that you choose. Otherwise, you will not be able to make calls or other uses of this line.

There is also a method derived from prepayment, and that is to recharge the mobile automatically. In this variant, it is similar to the prepaid one, but you are recharged X amount of money at the time you choose, and even choose to only recharge if it is below a certain balance value that you choose. For example, you can choose that every 1 of each month you are charged a jump of € 5.

This last variety is much more comfortable, with the advantages of a prepaid card and with the comforts of a contract. But you will have to have one credit card or account associated with the line ...

Advantages of recharging the mobile

Although you may think that recharging the mobile does not provide any advantage, the truth is that it has many advantages over the contract:

  • Mayor Privacy by not having to associate your account or your data as in the contract.
  • You are older awareness of what you consume, since the balance is limited and can help you save. Especially if you have an addiction to these devices, it could help you to set limits.
  • It can be a good control for the use made by minors of mobiles, since you will limit to a specific amount each month.
  • Te avoid paying minimum fees as it happens in contracts. With prepaid, if you don't consume anything, you won't pay anything.
  • Limit the chances of fraud that can be done with contracts.

Among its biggest drawbacks is the discomfort of having to perform top up when your balance runs out...

How to recharge your mobile in Llamaya

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Having said that, the issue that concerns us here is the way in which the mobile can be recharged easily, safely and using cash in the Llamaya service. To do this, you will only have to follow these simple steps:

  1. In addition to calling or online, you can also recharge your Llamaya mobile by going to some establishments of first necessity (supermarkets, gas stations, tobacconists or kiosks). On the list are:
    • Eroski, DIA, El Corte Inglés, Supercor, Hipercor, Opencor.
    • Petronor, Repsol, Campsa, Cepsa.
    • PhoneHouse.
    • Call centers or kiosks.
    • Bodybell, Juteco.
  2. There you can request to recharge the mobile with your prepaid card with the amount you want.
  3. You can choose the payment method you want, in addition to credit / debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, bank transfer, or cryptocurrencies, you also have the possibility of cash.
  4. After that, your balance will be charged, without any additional expenses. And when recharging the mobile, the balance will remain instantly active.

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