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industrial 3D printer

La additive manufacturing it has become one of the most promising resources in the industrial sector. This type of manufacturing can achieve parts with characteristics that would otherwise be impossible, too expensive, or complicated to create. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary to have an industrial 3D printer in some sectors. Given the advantages and the competitiveness that it can make you win, it is not an expense, but a great investment that will be more than compensated.

The 12 Best Industrial 3D Printers

If you have a business and need to acquire an industrial 3D printer, here you have 12 of the best models you can find, with different characteristics and price range:

FlashForge Guider IIS

FlashForge is one of the best machines in the sector, with a line specially oriented for industrial use, like that Guider IIS or 2S. Comes with camera for remote monitoring, screen with filter, 5-inch touch screen, spent filament detection system, print volume of 28x25x30 cm, system for resuming printing in case of power failure, etc. Likewise, you can use PLA, ABS, Flex filaments, conductive filament, etc.

Through the cloud you will be able to control this 3D printer, in addition to seeing the work you are doing through the camera. It is safe, since it has a fan with a filter to avoid dust that can be produced during printing. And it can be connected via USB cable, as well as also support printing from a USB flash drive, and WiFi network connection. The accuracy is ±0.2mm, and it has a good printing speed.

CreatBot F430

The following model is from CreatBot, another well-known additive manufacturing firm and with a very interesting price. This printer can work with advanced filaments such as PEEK and other high performance that require high extrusion temperatures (up to 420ºC). You can also print on PC, nylon, PP, ABS, etc.

It has a system restart in case of power failure, double extrusion nozzle, as well as automatic leveling and adjustment, etc. A fantastic machine for producing engineering, healthcare, automotive, or aerospace industrial parts. With the possibility of manufacturing large pieces.


No products found.

JFF also has an industrial grade model. It is a high-volume printer, being able to print pieces up to 30×22.5×38 cm. It is silent, has a good speed, and is very precise. It has also been created with the idea of ​​being stable and robust, with a quality design, and to prevent vibrations from affecting the process.

With a carbon silicon glass platform, capable of generating 0.1 mm layers, high performance deposition structure, high power fan, simple user interface on its 4.3″ touch screen, it is energy efficient, and is based on the FDM technology to print on PLA and ABS. It also supports printing online or from SD card, in STL, OBJ and AMF formats. It is compatible with Creality Slicer, Cura, Rpetier, and Simplify3D, as well as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Kloner3D 140

Kloner3D also has this fantastic printer that you can use in Linux, Windows and macOS operating systems, with support for files with 3D models in G-code, OBJ and STL. It is compact and lightweight, and is based on FFF technology to manufacture parts up to 14x13x12 cm, with layer thicknesses of only 0.05 mm, and XYZ resolutions of 0.01 mm.

Accepts 1.75mm filament, with a single 0.5mm extruder nozzle. can print on very diverse materialssuch as PLA, ABS, PCABS, NYLON, PET-G, PVA, PET, TPE, TPU, HIPS, Laywood, Architectural, Carbonium, PMMA, ASA and Laybrick, PLA, ABS, PVA, PET, TPE, TPU, Laywood and Laybrick.

QIDI Tech iFast

This industrial 3D printer, as its name suggests, stands out for its speed. It uses a double Z axis to improve the results, reaching speeds up to 100cm3/h, smooth finishes, and FDM technology to deal with materials such as PLA, PLA+, ABS, PET-G, nylon, PVA (water soluble), etc.

Regarding the print size, it allows you to create pieces up to 33x25x32 cm, and has a high temperature heating system. In addition, it has a fast learning curve, since it has a simple and friendly user interface. With two modes to select: normal mode and expert mode.

Flash Forge Guider 2

Another FlashForge that enters this list of the best industrial 3D printers. With a high temperature system, assisted leveling, spent filament sensor, smart mounts, 5″ touchscreen with user-friendly interface, designed for quiet operation, and great quality.

As for the rest of the features, it can reach 240ºC in the extruder, and 120ºC in the bed, suitable for PLA, ABS, TPU, and PET-G filaments, with a print volume of 28x25x30 cm, resolution of ±0.2 mm, 8GB internal storage, USB connection, WiFi, Ethernet, and printing from SD. Includes FlashPrint and FlashCloud and PolarCloud software.

XYZprinting Da Vinci Color

XYZprinting da Vinci Color is a 3D printer something special. This equipment can work with materials such as PET-G, PLA, etc. Layer thicknesses are 0.1mm to achieve very smooth and quality results. Its nozzle is 0.4 mm, and it accepts 1.75mm filaments.

It has a 5″ LCD screen, compatibility with Windows operating systems, and a system for printing on different colors.

FlashForge Inventor

Another alternative, also from FlashForge, is this Inventor model. It is quite cheap, for teleworking or processionals with small studios. This printer supports 1.75mm filaments, with materials such as ABS, PLA, PVA, etc. The results are quite good and precise, with a dual extruder, and capable of creating models up to 22x15x15 cm.

incluye una user-friendly touch screen, and an integrated webcam to record videos of the process or online monitoring. It also allows printing from an SD memory card where you have the models, it connects via USB, and it can work on a network thanks to WiFi. It comes in multiple languages ​​and is manageable even if you have no experience.

Bresser T-Rex

The German firm Bresser has also created one of the best compact size industrial grade printers. Is based on the dual extruder FFF technology, and it has improved cooling, easy leveling, pressure chamber adjustments, 8.9 cm LCD touch screen with quick and easy interface, WiFi connectivity, etc.

It can tolerate 1.75mm PLA and ABS type filaments, being able to create models up to 22.7×14.8×15 cm. Its structure is strong and durable, has a printing precision of 0,1-0,2 mm, USB connection, SD card slot, spatula influences and 2 kg of filaments as a gift, has layer thicknesses between 0.05 and 0.5 mm, 0.4 mm nozzle, very precise axes and supports REXPrint software and STL files.

Flash Forge Creator 4


Buy FFCreator 4

The FlashForge Creator 4 is another one of the best printers for professional use. With possibility to print with high speed and accuracy of ±0,2mm or 0.002mm/mm, large build volumes up to 40x35x50cm, layer height: 0.025-0,4mm, print speed: 10-200mm/s as adjusted, direct drive type independent dual extrusion INDEX system, 0.4mm nozzle (also accepts 0.6 and 0.8mm).

It supports many types of files, such as 3MF, STL, OBJ, FPP, BMP, PNG, JPG, as well as FlashPrint software, and has a large 7-inch screen. Connectivity is via USB, or Ethernet cable or WiFi for the network. Accepted materials are TPU, PLA, PVA, PETG, 98A TPU, ABS, PP, PA,
PC, PA12-CF, and PET-CF.

Totus Tec DLP

Buy Totus Tech DLP

The following is from Jiangsu Totus Technology Company, a Chinese company that has made its way into the 3D printing industry with more and more satisfied customers. This printer has DLP technology, and allows work in sectors such as jewelry, toy manufacturing, dentistry, and other industrial sectors that require specific materials, and high quality and precision. It prints at high speed, and is built to last.

Uniz Slash 2 Pro

Buy Uniz Slash

You also have the option of this Uniz Slash, another great industrial 3D printer with STL LCD technology, to create objects up to 19.2x12x40 cm, a very high precision with variations of only a few microns, very thin layer thicknesses, speed of up to 200 mm/h, automatic leveling system, quality and durable materials, and USB, WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.

It also allows control through apps for mobile devices iOS/iPadOS and Android. Of course, it is compatible with Windows and macOS, and supports STL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF, SLC, and UNIZ formats. In addition, it supports very heavy models, up to more than 1 GB in size.

Other industrial grade printers

In addition to the above, there are also other industrial 3D printers that can go from € 10.000 to € 100.000 in some cases. These types of printers are aimed at larger companies or with very special needs. However, they are not sold through stores, but you must contact the sales service, suppliers in the area, or the firm's sales representative.

Some of the recommended ones of this type are:

  • Additec µPrinter: an industrial machine for printing 3D parts in metal. It uses DED (Directed Energy Deposition) or LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) technology. It uses metal filament or wire from 0.6 to 1 mm in diameter and can also use metal powders if desired. It has a triple laser of 200W each, and to achieve the best results, it has an actively managed temperature system. Its built-in camera allows remote monitoring of the manufacturing process or recording of time-lapses.
  • Triditive AMCELL: a Spanish company, based in Asturias, and that has positioned itself among the best in the world in terms of industrial-grade 3D printers. A really complete, precise machine, and very well equipped in terms of functions and technology. In addition, you will be able to print on a large number of materials, from polymers such as ABS, ASA, CPE, HIPS, IGLIDUR I150, even composites such as PA+ARAMID, PA+CF, PC+ABS, PC+PBT, and also metals such as steels SS 316 and SS 17-4 PH, Inconel (Ni-Cr), and Titanium.
  • HP MultiJet Fusion: Of course, the American manufacturer HP also has 3D printers for the business sector, such as its additive manufacturing machines with MJF technology. In addition, to achieve the best results, it will allow you to control each voxel.
  • EVEMET 200 earthquake: This Italian company has also managed to develop large industrial 3D printing equipment based on laser technology, for the manufacture of many objects, including printed jewelry, or for the dental health sector. In the case of the EVEMET 200 model, it allows printing on metallic materials such as aluminum alloys, Co-Cr, nickel alloys, steel, titanium and also precious metals (gold, silver, platinum).
  • Xerox ElemX: an industrial grade liquid metal printer. Another of the great machines with applications also in other fields such as medicine, aeronautics and aerospace, military, etc. In this case, it allows to create some pieces in very light aluminum alloys.

Shopping guide

If you still have doubts about which one to choose from the above list, I advise you to read our guide on how to choose an industrial 3d printer. That will dispel many doubts and you will be able to select the one that best suits the company.

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