Isolation transformer: everything you need to know

isolation transformer

Among the electronic components analyzed was also the toroidal transformer, in addition we have also dealt with this type of elements when we comment on power supplies, types of current, etc. Now it is the turn of another very peculiar type of transformer, such as the isolation transformer.

You can know what it is, what it is for, the differences with other types of transformers, as well as how to choose one of them for your future projects.

What is an isolation transformer?

isolation transformer

All electric transformers They have the property of transferring energy between their two or more conductor windings without there being a physical connection between them. The only exception would be auto-transformers. To produce this transfer they are based on electromagnetic induction, and generally more or less turns are used in their windings to transform the voltage.

Thanks to that isolation between circuitsSince one is connected to the primary winding and another to the secondary winding, not only can the signal be transformed, they can also act as a safety element.

In fact, when we refer to a safety transformer or isolation transformer, we are addressing very specific transformers with 1: 1 ratio, that is, with the same winding in its two coils (same number of turns), so it does not transform the voltage. Your output will be equal to your input.

For this reason they are used in security apps, when you need to transmit electrical energy from one circuit to another and you want to decouple both.


Inside the safety transformers, or isolation, you can find two fundamental types:

  • Single phase: has a screen installed between the primary and secondary winding, which is connected to an insulated terminal. In addition, the mounting brackets are insulated from the transformer core. These also have built-in temperature sensors, and have a low noise level. It uses a phase and a neutral, and with input voltages of 220V or 230V generally.
  • Triphasic: it also has an architecture equal to single-phase, but in this case for three-phase installations. That is, single-phase are common for domestic applications, while three-phase installations are generally found in industry or commercial installations. These installations do not have only one phase and one neutral cable, but are divided into three alternating currents or phases to divide the power of the installation. In this case, they usually support 380 or 480V.

Advantages of an isolation transformer

Having an isolation transformer can have a series of and advantages for electrical installations, such as:

  • They are essential to protect against electrical currents, for example, to protect against electrical shocks.
  • They ensure the availability of electricity supply protecting the installation. They are ideal for high availability installations.
  • Its losses are lower than those of other types of transformers.
  • They are designed and manufactured with several layers of reinforced insulation, which gives greater robustness and safety.

Safety transformer applications

If you are wondering about the applications of this type of isolation or safety transformer, are present in a multitude of electrical installations and devices. For instance:

  • To protect workers from electric shock. Both in industrial facilities and in civil facilities making use of three-phase and single-phase.
  • In certain power sources for sensitive equipment.
  • Delicate operating room machines.
  • Some computers.
  • Laboratory equipment and certain electrical supply equipment for electronic workshops.
  • As an electrical noise filter, isolating the input from the output.
  • And many more functions

The truth is that the options are very varied.

Where to buy an isolation transformer

If you're looking for isolating transformer at a good price, you have different options, among them, one of the most popular is to search for it on the Amazon sales platform. For example, here are some recommendations:

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