Navantia bets on 3D printing for shipbuilding

Navantia has just released a press release announcing the inclusion of 3D printing technologies in its manufacturing and shipbuilding processes within the company's shipyard in Puerto Real, Cádiz.

Kwambio Ceramo One

Kwambio Ceramo One, a ceramic 3D printer

The American company Kwambio tells us about its latest great presentation, the Ceramo One, a ceramic 3D printer for professional use with which the company promises to significantly reduce production costs.


Nexa3D shows its super fast 3D printer

Entry where we will talk about Nexa3D, a company that has just presented its new SLA-type 3D printer to the public, a model that they have quickly classified as 'super fast'.


AONIQ dares with PVC 3D printing

AONIQ has just announced the arrival on the market on August 1, 2017 of the new 3 888D printer, a model capable of working with PVC plastic.

Printed spinner

Fidget Spinner, a toy we can build

Fidget Spinner is the latest trend among young and old. We tell you how to get one of these hand spinning tops thanks to Free Hardware ...

Asus Tinker board

Asus Tinker Board is on sale now

The new Asus Tinker Board is already on sale, a board that doubles in power to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and is available for about 60 euros.