Program the garage remote: what you need to know

program the garage remote

Each controls for automatic doors They have become a great alternative for garage doors, farm doors, etc. They allow you to get in and out without having to get out of the vehicle to open the door. On the other hand, being more complex systems, they tend to give more problems than a conventional key. In this article you will learn how to program the garage remote, reset it, and everything you need to know.

As you know, there is not only a single command, nor is there a single key. They can be programmed or make copies if you want. This will make them work with the appropriate codes and frequencies (433 Mhz - 870 Mhz) to correspond with the opening system of the engine of the door to be opened.

Advantages of a universal garage remote control

The original garage controls are those provided by the seller of the door or closing motor, on the other hand, universal controls can be purchased on the market to replace the original ones if they are lost, broken, or need to give more people access .

These universals allow you to program the remote control of your garage, as well as provide some and advantages:

How to program the universal garage remote control?

A fairly frequent question is how to program the garage remote control. It is something that is not easy to answer, so users usually go to specialized stores or certain hardware stores where they have what they need to make a copy of your command. In these places, they also tend to reprogram them to a different button if it doesn't work, etc.

Programming it is not so simple, since doors or opening systems usually have a code list mark so the door can be opened. Once the corresponding code has been programmed with the make and model of the opening system, the next thing to do is to program the frequency, which should also match.

Some choose the option of programming or cloning with the remote, others do it from the receiver of the opening system itself. The latter is not recommended, since if there are more controls dependent on said receiver, they could stop working.

Steps to follow

To program the universal garage remote, once you have purchased your remote, simply consist of follow these steps:

If you have multiple codes, you can also do it with other buttons:

Troubleshooting common garage remote problems

universal garage remote, does not work, solution

If the garage remote does not work, it could be due to one of the following frequent causes. So you can check how to proceed in each case to solve the problem:

  1. The first thing is to check if the remote is locked. Some include a lock switch to prevent accidental button presses while carrying them in your pocket, bag, etc. It is usually a very common oversight, to try to open or close and not realize that it is locked / off.
  2. In case none of the above takes effect, the following is if there is any kind of interference between the sender and receiver. Check if you are too far away, if there is a wall or something that is interfering, etc.
  3. Check, if you have another remote control, if the other one works. If it works, it will be a problem with the problematic controller in question. But if no control works, it may be a problem with the RF receiver of the opening system or with the motor itself ...
  4. Check the batteries in the remote control. It is usually the most frequent cause that the garage remote is failing, especially if it is a remote that has already been used for a long time. If so, open the battery compartment on your garage remote, which is usually on the back. Check that the contacts are not dirty, wet or worn, as it could be that too. If so, dry or clean the terminals so that they make contact with the battery. If that is not the cause, remove the battery and buy one of the same characteristics to replace it.
  5. In case it's not a battery problem, check the garage remote control housing. It is important that the signal emitter is not broken (by falls or blows) or dirty, since it would not let the signal pass. If it is damaged, you should buy another universal remote.
  6. If nothing works, try resetting the garage remote. Some have PROG / LEARN buttons that will need to be pressed for about 15 seconds, or if they don't have these buttons, remove the battery for 30 seconds.
  7. You must also program the garage remote to work on another button. Sometimes some buttons get damaged with use and do not make proper contact. Therefore, if it has 2 or 4 buttons and you are not using them for other doors, program another button not used.

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