Sinterit Lisa, SLS printing with a good quality / price ratio

Sinterit Lisa

Sinterit has in your product catalog a printer . interesting. So for using SLS technology that it is uncommon to see it on desktop printers such as having a Great value for the price.

In this article we will talk a little more about SLS printing and we will give you some details about this printer.

SLS printing

SLS printers create objects from the synthesis of a powder which is used as an additive material, rather than the solid or liquid raw materials associated with FDM and SLA printing. Like SLA printers, SLS printers they use a laser the synthesis of the material that is used as a base. Powdered material gets hot by the action of the laser at high temperatures. Very close to the melting point of the material. Fusing the next dust and forming a solid layer. An additional layer of dust is dumped on top of the newly created object layer, so the laser always passes over a flat layer of dust. One time finished printing, the printed object and the loose dust around it they are pulled vertically from the powder bed. Loose powder is manually removed away from the now solid printed object, resulting in the finished print a generally rough and porous element.


Both techniques are based on laser synthesis, but the difference of materials that they use make them present very different characteristics each.

La SLA printing wastes less material, requires no post-processing, and material is somewhat cheaper.

La SLS printing generates objects that are highly resistant to impact or high temperatures.

But without a doubt, the point that makes a real difference between one technology or the other is that in the case of SLS printing we can print whatever we want without adding support structures. We can even print objects with integrated moving parts in the same print or stack objects on top of others to print short series with a single print.

SLS Sinterit LISA 3D Printer Features

Size: 650 x 550 x 400 mm
Weight: 35Kg
Printing area: 110 x 150 x 130 mm
Maximum resolution in Z axis: 75 microns
Maximum resolution in XY axes: 20 microns
Printing speed: 10 mm / h
Printing temperature: 190°C
Laser type: Infrared 5w, 808nm
Printing materials: PA12 powder and TPU powder.
USB and Wi-Fi connection

The manufacturer has developed a product with an unbeatable image and a suitable size to have in an office. Although it has some printing characteristics that we can obtain with cheaper equipment, the use of SLS technology allows you to print parts unimaginable otherwise.

In Spain it already has a distributor. We know 3D Visual

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