Voice distortion: operation and how to use

voice distorter

We add another new one electronic component to our list. This time it's the module voice distorter. In this article you will understand the working principles of this item and also how it can be used for your DIY projects, as well as the applications you can use this audio device for.

To create one of these voice distorters at home is quite complicated, since it involves the use of more complex chips, such as a DSP. Fortunately, you will be able to find very interesting plates already made to have one effortlessly, and that you can even integrate with Arduino...

What is the voice distorter?


A voice distorter is a system capable of alter voice of a person. It can usually be made higher, lower, to make it sound like a robot. etc. They are often used to generate sound effects in content creation, or to camouflage a person's voice so that it is unrecognizable. Other sounds can also be distorted, not just voices ...

Surely on many occasions you have seen how one of them is used, either in movies, or in real life. For example, in some children's movies that are distort voices as Alvin and the Chipmunks, or in some horror movies. You have other examples in electronic music, where they are also used quite a bit.

How to get a voice distorter


There are several ways get a voice distorter. There are both hardware devices as well as programs, that is, software that uses the DSP of the sound card of the computer or of the mobile phone to modify the sounds.

Hardware boards

There are some very interesting projects that you should know to be able to implement a voice distorter easily by hardware and even integrate with your Arduino board. You will only need:

As to shield or distortion module for Arduino UNOyou have a pretty good one from the firm Nootropic Design. It is the Audio Hacker, with the following characteristics:

  • Audio Hacker Shield
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO, Mega, Leonardo,… (to manipulate audio, build sound effects, synthesize, distort voice,…). Use digital pins 5-13.
  • Real-time digital signal processor
  • 12-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC for analog digital and digital analog conversion.
  • 256 Kb of SRAM memory for recording and playback of audio samples. It does not need SD and works faster than a flash for Real-Time.
  • It can record up to 9 seconds of high quality 22Khz 12-bit resolution audio.
  • Rail-to-rail Op amp as an amplifier for 100x output gain.
  • Two onboard buttons for input, bypass and volume.
  • 3V drum connection to retain samples in SRAM.
  • Input and output via 3.5mm Jack.
  • Easy assembly kit with everything you need.
  • More information and how to buy.

This manufacturer also has other additional boards that may interest you to manipulate the voice distortion, and do without the video potentiometer. For example, you can buy a plate DJ Shield by Nootropic Design and that it has 5 buttons and 3 potentiometers, as well as 2 LED indicators to be able to manipulate the sound of the Audio Hacker ...

Apps (software)

There are many applications for the PC and also for iOS or Android mobile devices. For example, you can use some of the best from this list:

  • Windows, Linux y MacOS: for these operating systems you can try many programs, even some professionals like Magix Music Maker and the like have their own systems to distort voice and sounds. But if you want something simpler and more concrete, I recommend FuzzPlus y Krush (this one only for macOS and Windows). I add you Lyrebird, a specific one for Linux that is very simple and powerful.
  • Android: for the mobile device operating system you have some like AndroidRock Voice Changer and RoboVox, both available in the Google Play app store.
  • iOS / iPadOS: Apple's system also has its programs that you can use as a voice distortion, such as Voice Changer Plus, Call Voice Changer InCall, both in the App Store.

I hope it has served you help and you can start to use the voice distorter ...

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