The best welders you can buy


In the previous article I explained everything you need to know about a welder or welder. In this other article we are going to show best welding machines that you can buy to start in this metal union. In addition, you will also find all the necessary accessories to have your complete welding kit...

Also, remember that you can complement this article with the two previous articles on this subject, such as the one on choose the best welder and tutorial to learn to weld.

best welders

Here are the best welding machines that you can buy today, and for an affordable price:

Best MMA (Manual Metal Arc) or arc (STICK) welders

With the MMA welders You can weld various types of metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or iron. You just have to choose the right electrode for it. In addition, it is ideal for welding where a wide bead is needed or to fill larger spaces:

  • Conventional, with equipment and electrode holder. Ideal for all kinds of jobs or for professionals:
  • Compact, pistol type, a good product to easily carry wherever you want or for beginners:

Best MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welders

Currently technology has advanced enough that you can find MIG welders without the need to use gas, which is a great advantage. With them you can also weld various types of metals such as steel or iron, but in this case using rolls of wire, producing a finer and more precise welding bead:

Best MAG (Metal Active Gas) welders

On the other hand we have the MAG welders, another type of welder similar to the previous one, but instead of using inert gas, active gas is used in this case. Otherwise it is the same:

Best TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welders

In this type of TIG welders a tungsten electrode is used that is not consumed as is the case with conventional electrodes. This electrode only serves to produce the arc that melts the metal, but does not provide material. They can be a good option in some cases where a large number of joints need to be soldered, but it is not the most recommended equipment, especially for beginners:

Best multiple welders (MMA, MIG, TIG)

With this type of equipment you will be able to choose which solder to use, since they have both electrode holders and wire nozzles. They are perfect equipment both for beginners who want to try different types of welding and for professionals:

Best laser welders

Una laser welder It will allow you to make strong, precise and finely laced joins to join almost under any condition. However, they are very expensive equipment, reserved for companies or professionals who really need this type of welders for advanced applications:

Best plastic welders

El plastic can also be "welded", and not only polymer-thermoplastic plastic as we said in previous articles. But for this a "trick" is used by inserting a hot staple with this type of gun:

best soldering irons

Of course we also have tin welders used for electronics. Within these we have two fundamental types:

  • Conventional, with interchangeable tips and using the tin wire with the other hand:
  • Pistol type, where you can load the roll of tin so you don't have to use both hands, making it more comfortable:

heat gun and torches

Finally, we also have heat guns. These are not welders in themselves, but they can be used to weld thermoplastics, to melt metals with a low melting point such as tin, to weld copper pipes in the field of plumbing, etc.

  • With cable, they are the most powerful and the one that reach the highest temperatures:
Sales Hot Air Gun,...
  • With battery, very practical to be able to take where you need without the need for cables, although they are usually somewhat less powerful than the previous ones:
  • And here I also introduce the blowtorch or torch for plumbing work:
  • torch for jewelry soldering (gold, silver,…):

battery spot welder

For electronics, for spot weld batteries, it is also handy to have one of these:

Consumables for welders

As for the consumables for welding we have:

Electrodes for MMA welders

Here you have the electrodes for welding carbon steel, galvanized steel, and iron. They are the most conventional, although you can also find specific electrodes for welding stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

electrodes for stainless steel:

electrodes for aluminum:

tungsten electrodes

On the other hand, you also have tungsten electrodes to weld different types of metals for TIG welders. These do not contribute material, and do not wear out like conventional electrodes:

Rolls of welding wire for MIG/MAG

For the wire welder (continuous electrode) we also have reels or rolls like these for carbon steel, galvanized steel, iron, etc. You can also find them of different diameters, thickness and types for specific welds. One of the most recommended is this:

There are also special rolls for stainless steel:

And also for aluminum:

Plastic bars to melt

If you are going to use one hot air gun for welding thermoplastics, you have a wide variety of plastic bars to melt such as the following:

aluminum bars for casting

If you are going to use one hot air gun or gas torch for welding aluminum, you must buy these bars:

staples for plastic

Instead, if you have chosen the plastic welder using staples, then you will need to buy these other consumables:

tin wire

Of course, in the case of welds for electronics or plumbing, you have the option of buying tin rolls of two types:

  • Wire for electronics, for lead-free soldering and with flux-resin core:
  • Plumbing wire, made of solid tin and thicker than the previous one for soldering copper:

Gas for MIG/MAG welders

You can also find gas cylinders argon for welders like this:

Spare parts or spare parts

There are also some spare parts or spare parts for welders. Among the most frequent are:

Electrode holder for MMA welders

It is possible that you electrode holder of your welder is damaged, in such a case, you can use this spare part:

Nozzles for MIG/MAG welders

All the nozzles where the thread passes and the gas also need to be changed from time to time:

earth clamp

It is frequent that the earth clamp is also damaged with use, to replace it:

soldering iron tips

The tips also end up spoiling over time. Of course, for different jobs and finishes with tin you will need several different tips, like the ones in this game:

*Note: these tips are also suitable for wood burning or modeling...

welding accessories

of course you solder kit It would not be complete without other complementary accessories that are necessary, especially for your safety:

welder masks

  • Conventional handheld, which you can hold with one hand and remove quickly:
*Note: for use with a toxic gas respirator, it may be the best option.
  • Conventional helmet, it leaves both hands free, but to remove the dark screen it will not be as fast as in the previous one, since you have to lift the mask:
  • Automatic, like the conventional helmet type, but with screens instead of glass, being able to see where you put the electrode and automatically darkening when the sizzling begins, in addition to allowing adjustments:

welding cart

With this kind of carros You can take both the welding machine group and the gas bottles or cylinders for those who need it:

welding benches

You also have tables or benches to weld comfortably, like this:

Electronic soldering stand

A comfortable way to weld is to use this type of supports with tweezers to free up your hands so you can weld better, and they even have a magnifying glass to see what you're doing under magnification:

gloves for welder

For protect your hands from possible burns, it is important to use this type of gloves:

Magnets for clamping and clamps

Doing a good job during welding is essential. For some metals you can use magnetic squares to position them in place without them moving, or you can also use clamps:

*A trick for welding round tubes is to use a metal angle as a rail to insert the tubes so they do not move.

Toxic gas mask

If you are going to use certain tungsten electrodes or if you are going to weld galvanized, they can come off toxic gases that can affect your lungs. To avoid, make sure to always use these types of masks:

Slag Hammer

Of course for remove the dross that remains on the weld bead, you will need one of these hammers to hit and make the shell come off:

slag brush

You can also use this type of metal bristle brushes To scrape off slag and clean welds:


It is important to have a grinder of this type, both to improve the finish of the weld seam, and to clean the profiles to be welded and remove rust, paint layers, and all kinds of dirt:

And of course, discs for metal:

No products found.

Others (miscellaneous)

Also exist variety of extra accessories (optional) that can help you during welding work, such as:

  • protective boots with reinforced toe to prevent damage from blows and with insulating sole:
  • fire blanket to protect delicate materials from sparks:
  • You also have a baboon to protect your clothes from sparks and burns, or stains...
  • flame retardant work overalls To protect your entire body, as short sleeves or shorts are not recommended:

Metal to practice

Finally, you may not have material at home to practice, and that is why we show you some interesting products that you can buy to start testing and learning to weld:

*Tip: I recommend you always have a piece of metal of any kind on hand to rub against the electrode to heat it up and make welding easier.


In the market you can find plates or sheets of metal of different thicknesses like these:

Angles and plates

You also have the possibility to use angles or plates, which are quite practical for building a multitude of structures:


Of course, if you are going to build light structures, a good option is to use tubes, both square and round:


Finally, if you want to achieve a very solid and resistant structure, such as a roof, you can opt for beams:

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