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Although the photographic section of current mobiles is one of the aspects that companies take care of the most -and that receives the most updates-, it is also true that to have a good camera on the mobile we must opt ​​for a high-end terminal. And this entails a large outlay. However, for the camera of any smartphone can make better catches, we have a large list of accessories on the market. And one of them are glasses for mobile.

There are different alternatives; different brands and, above all, different options for the finishes that we are looking for. That is why we wanted to collect some alternatives that we believe can help you gain quality and diversity in the final results. So If you want to improve your mobile photos, pay attention to the following recommendations.

What to keep in mind before buying mobile lenses

As we have already mentioned, high-end models usually come well equipped in the photography section. However, perhaps one of the aspects that is left aside the most is the one that refers to macro photography, being able to take pictures in close-up and at a very short distance from the lens in a clear way. In addition, we also find filters or fisheye objectives to achieve a much wider field of vision than normal.

Therefore, before running out to get a package of mobile lenses, think about what results you want to achieve in your photographs with the smartphone.

Selection of mobile lenses – improve your photos on the go

We start with our selection of the best mobile lenses. Among the alternatives that we are going to give you, you will find models designed to be used in a large number of models, whether they are Android or the famous iPhone. Everything will depend on what you are looking for in your results. We start:

APEXEL – macro lens with CPL filter

Apexel, 100mm macro lens for smartphones

As we have mentioned before, macro photography - or detail photography - is one of the aspects that most companies leave aside. Although it is true that each time they are improving this section. However, while it arrives or not, we present you this APEXEL macro lens that is adjusted with a mounting that will be fixed on the chassis of the mobile and that will allow you to better adjust the lens to the camera of your smartphone.

This macro lens is 100mm and also comes with a cpl-filter. What is this filter for? Well, by placing it we will be able to eliminate the annoying flashes that depend on what objects or landscapes leave us in the photographs.

Selvim – kit with different lenses for your smartphone

Selvim mobile lens kit

We have gone up a notch in the recommendations for mobile lenses and we present you with a complete kit of different lenses to add to your smartphone. In addition, they all come stored in a case to be able to transport them in a much easier and more comfortable way.

On the other hand, this Selvim kit is composed by: a 25x macro lens, a 0.62x wide angle lens, a 235° fisheye lens and a 22x zoom. With the latter you can use your mobile as a telescope and capture images that are a great distance from your location. All of them have a lid to prevent them from getting dusty.

Likewise, the company comments that its lenses are Blue ray, with which to reduce reflections. Of course, you should take into account that this kit does not support the last two generations of iPhone -iPhone 13 and iPhone 14-.

APEXEL telephoto lens – a good solution for sports photography

APEXEL sports telephoto lens for mobile

If you are passionate about sports, you will know that you need a well-equipped team to capture good photos. However, it is not necessary to spend too much money on complex equipment and you can enjoy this type of photography with the APEXEL telephoto lens.

This lens provides a zoom that goes from 20 magnifications to 40 magnifications. In addition, the kit comes with a tripod to be able to hold the terminal well and not worry about the snapshots coming out blurry.

Likewise, the company ensures that the accessory is compatible with more than 90 percent mobile From the market. And that you must identify which is the main lens of your mobile if it has two or more lenses on its back.

Perfect kit for pictures through windows

Filter to take mobile photos from window

who has not done photographs through the window of a car, a train or even an airplane? However, on many occasions -not to say one hundred percent of the time- reflections appear and spoil the photographs. For this we leave you with this filter that has a mount that can be adapted to the chassis of the mobile -it is compatible with the latest iPhone models- and that will allow you to stick the lens to the glass and take those desired photographs without any reflection.

Microscope for welds, photos of insects or to analyze coins


Finally, we are going to recommend an accessory that is not directly attached to your smartphone, but it does connect wirelessly via WiFi. It's about a microscope with magnification up to 1000x. This is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets, as well as the ability to connect to a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux).

With this wireless microscope you will be able to to be able to work on micro-welds and components electronics, know details of your coin collection or capture detailed images of insects.

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