Adjustable power supply: what it is, how it works, what it is for

dimmable power supply

One of the most versatile and necessary objects for any electronics studio or workshop is a dimmable power supply. With it you can feed all kinds of circuits, being able to apply different voltages and intensities that are easily regulated. So you can forget about others batteries or adapters specific for each circuit.

A power supply universal for all your projects. In addition, it is not only used to power a circuit, you can also use it as a test tool, since you will be able to see if a components or circuit works properly when you touch it with the tips of its probes ...

What is a dimmable power supply?

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On what is a power supply, and the principles of operation, we have already commented on this blog. However, when it comes to a dimmable power supply, It has a little difference with the conventional ones.

A power supply is a device capable of supplying electrical energy to a circuit or component. Well, when talking about a dimmable source, it is one in which voltages can be adjusted within a certain range, and even currents. So you will not have a fixed output of 3v3, 5v, 12v, etc., but you can choose which power you need.

How to choose a good dimmable font

To choose a good dimmable power supply, you have to attend to a number of factors that you should consider. So you can buy the product that best suits your needs:

  • Budget: the first thing is to determine how much money you want to spend on your adjustable power supply, since this way you can go to a specific range of models and eliminate everything that is out of your possibilities.
  • NeedsThe next thing is to determine what you are going to use your dimmable power supply for, if it is for occasional maker or DIY projects, or if it is for a more professional laboratory, for professional use in an electronics workshop, etc. This will also determine if you need something more reliable and expensive, or if you can be content with a simpler one.
  • Brand: there are several brands that stand out above the rest. But you shouldn't be obsessed with it either. Always, if it is a more well-known brand, you will have more guarantees of quality and better support in case something happens.
  • Technical characteristics: This is very personal, and it will depend on what you are looking for. But think about what range of voltages and currents you usually need, to fit that. The supported power (W) would also be important.

Better dimmable power supplies

eventej power supply

If you're looking for a good dimmable power supply, here you can see some of the most recommended models and brands:

  • PeakTech 1525: is a very reliable and powerful brand of dimmable power supplies. This model can range from 1-16 volts of direct current, and from 0-40A in intensity, although there are other more expensive models that can reach 60A. It has an LED screen where you can read the current voltage and current values, as well as an intelligent cooling system using fans, and 3 possible presets.
  • Baugger Wanptek Nps1203W: another of the best models of adjustable source, with an output capacity of 0-120v DC, and 0-3A. With a digital display to be able to see accurately the supplied values, compact size, safe, and with simple manual controls.
  • COODEN Key: it is a simple adjustable power supply suitable for both home use by hobbyists and laboratories, and even educational centers. It includes a digital display to view supply values, and can be regulated from 0-30 volts and 0-10 amps of direct current.
  • Uniroi DC: This source allows an adjustment from 0 to 32 volts, and from 0 to 10.2 amps. With an adjustable precision of 0.01v and 0.001A. With large, compact LED display, intelligent temperature control, and very reliable.
  • RockSeed RS305P: an adjustable power supply with adjustment capacity of 0-30V, and 0-5A. With a 4-digit, 6-set LED display, advanced settings, memory, and the ability to connect to a PC via a USB cable to interface with Windows-only compatible software.
  • Hanmatek HM305: a font similar to the previous one, with a more compact, simple and cheap size. Includes LED screen to view current and voltage values. It allows an easy adjustment of the voltage between 0-30V and the current between 0-5A. There are other variants that can go up to 10A.
  • Kaiweets cc: this other model is also among the best, with a direct current supply and with great precision for the regulation of the output. It can go from 0 to 30V and from 0 to 10A. It also has an LED display and a 5v / 2A power USB port.
  • EventekIt is one of the best brands of dimmable power supplies out there, and its price is quite attractive. This model allows regulation from 0 to 30 volts, and from 0 to 10 amps. With a large 4-digit LED display, compact size, very reliable and safe, and with alligator cables / test lines included.

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